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             Dear ladies and gentlemen,

On behalf of the State Savings Bank of the Republic of Tajikistan «Amonatbonk» I would like to warmly and heartily greet to all people of the country, particularly the customers of the bank, who trust more in Amonatbonk as the state bank in banking system of the Republic, and at the same time, domestic and foreign partners of the bank. Amonatbonk has more than 130 years history. Its basic duty in the past, today and future is accomplishing the social policy of the country, timely and qualitative service to customers.

Nowadays, as a team-having strong power and close to people, with its large network, including 75 branches, 546 bank service centers and near 3000 specialists, Amonatbonk is servicing to customers in all regions of the country with different bank services. In this regard, with annually increasing, the number of bank depositors is about 1.6 million people now. The quantity of those, who have bank cards, is about 1 million and 491 thousand people on 2018 year, that is 11.7 percent more in compare to 2017-th year. despite the vulnerability of the country`s economy and the global financial crisis, the Bank`s liquidity in 2018 remained high, and all the Bank`s obligations to its customers, specially interest rates on deposits, were fulfilled in a timely manner.

The increase in the bank`s capital, effective activities to attract customers, participation in financing programs to support small and medium-sized businesses allowed to increase the volume of loans issued by 2.2 times compared to 2017. The Bank`s cooperation with international financial institutions to attract more foreign investment in the country`s economy is continuing and till today the bank has attracted about 64 million US dollars. Using loan funds, about 79 investment projects are being implemented in 51 cities and regions of the country to support the development of various sectors of the country`s economy.

Currently, Amonatbonk in cooperation with the national bank for Foreign Economic Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan and Uzpromstroybank of this country, is working on a project of a credit line in the amount of $ 43 million, and a loan agreement in amount of 60 million yuan has been signed as part of the summit of the heads of States of Shanghai Cooperation Organization. The works in this direction have already begun. As a result of directing loan funds of Amonatbonk in priority sectors of the country`s economy in 2018, more than 6 thousand residents of the Republic were provided with permanent and seasonal jobs, that it directly affects for bettering the living condition of the population.

Amonatbonk has always taken the necessary measures in the field of lending and in order to further increase public confidence in the banking system renewed its credit policy in 2018. In accordance with the current requirements of customers, the Bank develops and offers new loan products, taking into account the characteristics and requirements of the client. In order to promote the country`s food security, enrich the country`s market with agricultural products and increase exportable products of agriculture sphere, «Profitable» microloans were granted with an interest rate of 20 to 23% per year for up to 3 years, to various sectors of agriculture, including: potato growing, gardening, field-crop cultivation, cotton growing , beekeeping and cattle breeding by attracting domestic investments. In connection with declaring 2018 as the «Year of development of tourism and folk crafts», the Bank allocated 2.8 million somoni from its own resources to promote the development of tourism in the country, the revival of national traditions and further development of folk crafts.

The Bank will continue this effort in the following 2019-2021, announced in the Message of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan to the Majlisi Oli as the «Years of development of villages, tourism and folk crafts». At the same time, in order to maintain the social level of the country`s population, especially state employees, the Bank introduced overdraft loans through bank payment cards, which are convenient enough for use. From now on, Amonatbonk`s efforts will be aimed at increasing public confidence in the banking system by expanding customer access to loans, developing small and medium businesses, supporting domestic producers, improving social level of the population, reviving folk crafts and generally, promoting sustainable economic development.

We believe that these measures will contribute to the economic development of the country and at the same time improve people`s living condition. In general, with the aim of improving the quality of banking services, increasing the volume of non-cash payments, regulating cash flows and maintaining the stability of the national currency, Amonatbonk has directed cooperation with 7474 budgetary and extra-budgetary organizations and institutions for transition of «Wages» project through bank payment cards. Today, 230 service centers of Amonatbonk branches over the cities and districts of the Republic are connected to «Acceptance of compulsory payments» program, and with the aim of having contribution on implementing strategy for development of payment system and large usage of cards, the bank has installed 485 terminals near trade and service centers. In order to provide transparency on receiving and sending communal funds, at the same time informing customer about indebtedness condition and paying funds, the bank has introduced «Payments» program. Till today about 338 bank service centers are connected to this program. With the aim of directing new bank products and thereby more bettering the quality of services, the bank has been implementing Internet-banking service for natural people since March 1, 2018 year, that it gets opportunity to pay for tax, electric power and other cashless payments through Internet in the country. Also, in cooperation with Tax Committee under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, the Bank has directed receiving funds through Internet-aquivering on site of Tax Committee with cashless service project for remote payment through the site of «Volna» technical store. In connection with instructions of the Leader of the Nation on increasing the number of branches of the bank for population`s more access to bank services, and keeping the status of the bank as the State bank in banking system of the Republic, there are created about 11 twenty-four-hour cashier`s offices over Dushanbe, Hisar, Isfara, Khujand, Bokhtar, Kulob and Khorogh cities, which are introducing different bank services to population and tourists during 24 hours a day. In addition, there are opened 16 bank service centers over Sughd Province and due to declaring 2018 as the «Year of tourism and folk crafts` development», about 2 bank service centers in Vahdat town and Varzob district, where the tourists visit more these regions.

In this regard, in order to accomplish the orders and instructions of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, such as access to credit funds, specially supporting domestic producers, creating new job places and finally bettering the living condition of the residents, Amonatbonk will continue the main directions of its lending activity according to «Develop Conception of the State Savings bank of the Republic of Tajikistan «Amonatbonk» for 2016-2020 years». In spite of continuing negative inclinations of last years in the World Economy and their influence on country`s economy, the State Savings Bank of the Republic of Tajikistan «Amonatbonk» finished its financial activity on 2018 year with noticeable indicators. In 2018-th year, the income of the bank was about 55.6 million somoni till taxation and about 36.2 million somoni after the taxation, that it is 13.8% more in compare to 2017 year. The increase on property of the bank in 2018 in compare to 2017 is 14%, savings of legal and natural persons is about 17% and the total capital of the bank is increased 10%.

As conclusion I want to say that, the Bank will continue its activity for implementing the instructions of the Founder of peace and National Unity, Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan His Excellency Emomali Rahmon, successfully accomplishing strategic goals, strengthening its position in interbank market of the country-based on rising the quality of bank services and decreasing bank menaces in future too. With the aim of worthy celebrating the 30-th anniversary of the State Independence of Tajikistan, Amonatbonk takes necessary measures. Hoping for continuing beneficial cooperation, I would like to express my heartily gratitude to partners, customers of the Bank for their confidence and supports. Chairman of Directorate of the SSB of the RT «Amonatbonk» Ikromi Sirojiddin Salom

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