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22 february 2017
Bilateral meeting between the Head Staff of Amonatbank and Working Group of China Development Bank


Working Group of CDB visited Tajikistan at February 17 to oversee the projects implementing by CDB funds and to establish new areas of cooperation with SSB RT “Amonatbonk”. During the visit there was held the meeting between Chairman of the Board of SSB RT “Amonatbonk” mr. R. Hakimzoda and Director of Working Group of CDB mr. Feng Zhe.

The further strengthening of cooperation between the banks, signing new credit lines and experience exchange were widely discussed at the meeting. One of the important points of agenda was the attraction of foreign investments in the real sector of economy of Tajikistan with using of national currencies.

Mr. Ruhullo Hakimzoda noted that China at the moment is the biggest trade partner and investor of Tajikistan. An important point remain established close ties between banks that enable to develop vital sectors of the economy and contribute to the support of small and medium enterprises in the Republic of Tajikistan. Dynamically develop bilateral relations at investments field: discussing and preliminary agreement of new credit line was the proof of that. By implementing a new credit line in our country, in the amount of 60.0 million RMBs, we get the real possibilities of expanding cooperation in the field of formation of a multilateral mechanism for inter-bank lending, project finance, lending and promote works of settlements in national currencies.

Feng Zhe said that the China Development Bank is closely monitoring the development of Tajikistan's economy and ready to contribute to the development of our country. Cooperation with Amonatbank in the framework of the SCO Interbank Association, according to the director of the Working Group of CDB, deepening and expanding areas of cooperation. China Development Bank is considering the possibility of using national currencies in further fruitful cooperation between the parties.

Also, during the meeting the issues of monitoring of projects funded by previous agreements were discussed: to build a new head office of Amonatbank and for the preparation of highly qualified specialists in the field of banking and finance activities.

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