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25 october 2019
Continuation of the «International savings day-2019» in Yovon district.


«Financial knowledge of population will be better, when educational enterprises, credit organizations, parents and generally, all members of society jointly teach children and teenagers to correctly expend money since their childhood.

It provides them opportunity to correctly prepare Family expense plan during independent life and refuse waste of money, in order to have favorable living condition»-was emphasized in the meeting due to «International savings day-2019», which was held in branch №17 of State Savings Bank of the Republic of Tajikistan «Amonatbank» in Yovon district.

This measure is directed by the efforts of the Leadership of the bank. Knowing children and teenagers` opinion, the specialists have informed them about financial phrases, such as loan, deposit, income and expense of family, how and where keep money.

Particularly, in the framework of an Olympiad-organized by «Amonatbonk», the phrase of savings with income and expense of family were painted in pictures by the pupils of secondary schools of the district.

As it was emphasized in continuation of the measure, providing population access to modern bank services, development of small and medium business, rising the financial knowledge of people and increasing their credit to bank system is considered an excellent direction of the State Savings bank of Tajikistan «Amonatbank».

Also, due to «International savings day-2019» and with the aim of bettering financial knowledge of children, an interesting teaching game under the name of «Diram» (means coin) was conducted, that there participated more than 180 children of kindergartens and pupils of secondary schools of Yovon district.

At the end, the participants, winners of the mentioned game and painting Olympiad have been awarded with memorable gifts.

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