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22 november 2019
Conference due to the State Flag of Tajikistan.


     In addition of introducing our beloved Tajikistan`s Independence, the Flag as a national value directs the residents of the country to Unity, development and beautification way.

     The national flag is a symbol of statehood, being of nation and pride of people. Our Republic is recognized in International Arena with its flag was emphasized in today`s conference due to the Day of State flag, which was conducted in the State Savings Bank of the Republic of Tajikistan «Amonatbank».

     During the conference, that was attended by the workers of the Bank, significant details about the history, dignity and colours of the State flag were informed by the deputy of the chairman of the Bank-Umarzoda. Z. It is several years, that the residents of the country are officially and splendidly celebrating the Day of State flag over peaceful sphere of the Republic.

     Indeed, Flag day has connected the love of young generation to our forefathers. Being as a national honor, the State flag directs each resident of the country to creation and beautification way.

     Further more, the Head of Law department of the Bank-Shoira Majiddiyon had a report on appropriately use National Flag.

     The State flag of the Republic of Tajikistan, that is considered as a national value in new history of our Republic, is a sign of complete Statehood and Independence. Rising flag in international arena is every resident`s responsibility.

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