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Car loan from Amonatbonk

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Trade and economic cooperation with banks of Uzbekistan

SSB RT "Amonatbank" in order to support domestic entrepreneurs in cooperation with the National Bank for Foreign Economic Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan signed credit agreements on trade financing.

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Money transfers

Send money instantly and securely through Contact, Unistream, Western Union money transfer systems at Amonatbank service points

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Compliance with hygiene rules in the fight against Covid 19

In order to observe the sanitary measures in the fight against Covid 19, we kindly ask all of you to use a mask when entering the branches and BSE of Amonatbank. During the service, keep the distance between each other at least 1.5 meters. Clean your hands with alcohol before and after using the ATM buttons. By doing so, you can protect yourself and your loved ones from getting sick.

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Government services

You can use the mobile application "Amonat-Mobile" to obtain a license for the tender (legal entities) from the Public Procurement Agency, payment for customs services of the Customs Service, paid services for processing applications / licenses of industries of the Ministry of Industry (SES, Ecology, veterinary, etc.), and pay for National Testing Center amount at a time.

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Payments via QR and POS


If you have any questions about the activities of Amonatbank, please call 1885.

Currency rates

10 june 2023
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Card milli
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Card milli

Local bank cards of the national payment system "Korti Milli" are issued to everyone for use within the Republic of Tajikistan, as well as for the implementation of salary projects with organizations of different forms of ownership.

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Pension card
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Pension card

Pension card - This card is intended for pensions, benefits and other funds allocated to pensioners by institutions (organizations and budget ministries and agencies).

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Visa Classic
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Visa Classic

Visa Classic - Payment cards that are used to travel abroad. Served at all points that have the Visa logo

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Visa Gold
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Visa Gold

Visa Gold — The card has a wide range of applications and reflects the status of the holder as a wealthy person.

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31 may 2023

Amonat Mobile

A simple and convenient service that allows you to pay for the services of mobile and Internet operators, television, housing and communal services, make transfers between cards, receive information about transactions on your accounts and much more using your mobile phone anytime, anywhere!

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